Homemade Beers



Corsedonk Blanche 75cl (White – 4,8%) 

High fermentation white beer, it maintains the basic characteristics of an ancient beer style typical of Flanders. Light wheat beer flavored with citrus peels and spices; rightly hopped, never too bitter and gifted with a pleasant touch of acidity.



Kwak 75cl (Red – 8,4%) 

Belgian beer with a coppery amber color, topped with a large white head. Sweet aroma with hints of caramel and yeast, flavor with notes of fruit and spices. Sweet beer, but not too much, and smooth.




Fresca 50cl (Blonde – 4%) 

It recalls white wheat beers, with its compact and creamy foam; opalescent color and intense aroma, the taste is well balanced with a very slight spiciness.






Igea 33cl, Gluten-free (Blonde – 5,3%)

Golden ALE with a bright golden color, highly digestible and fresh. It has an initial malty tone that flows into a citrusy freshness given by English and American hops and Mediterranean spices.





Pizzica 75cl (Blonde – 5,2%)

High fermentation beer characterized by an intense gold color and a persistent foam, a tribute to the land of Salento. The malty tones are well balanced by those of the hops in order to allow the aromas of the yeast to arrive. The low alcohol content and the note yielded of the chili make it a tantalizing and thirst-quenching beer.





Averbode 75cl (Blonde – 7,5%)

Belgian Abbey beer with a golden yellow color and a fine and persistent white foam. It is characterized by floral and green apple aromas combined with hints of hops. The taste is full, refreshing and ends with a dry finish with bitter and floral notes.





Delirium Red 33cl (Red – 8%)

Intense red beer with a rosy, compact and persistent foam. It has delicate fruity notes with hints of almond and griotte cherries. Sweet and fruity taste in perfect balance between the acidity of the cherries and the sweetness of the malts.





Delirium Tremens 75cl (Blonde – 8,5%)

Light beer of Belgian origin, produced with 3 different types of hops that make it particularly spicy. It offers the palate acute peaks of bitterness and delicate fruity and yeasty nuances, with an amazing malty scent. Very balanced and full-flavored. Awarded the gold medal of “Best Beer in the World”.





Tempelier 75cl (Amber – 6%)

Aroma of malt, honey and red fruit, apricots and spices. On the palate it is sweet and has a complex, fruity and leavened aroma. Fine, abundant, persistent and full-bodied foam.






Agnus 75cl (Blonde – 7,5%) 

Triple-style Abbey beer, produced in Belgium with carefully selected raw materials. Light color, compact, creamy and persistent foam; the flavor is spicy with a well-balanced bitterness and strong hop aromas.





Triple Karmeliet 75cl (Blonde – 8,4%) 

High fermentation beer and refermented in the bottle, produced with 3 cereals: barley, wheat and oats. Golden color and creamy foam, the nose is refined and complex. We find notes of vanilla and banana, blended yeast and citrus aromas of Stryrians hops.




Rodenbach Grand Crux 33cl (Red – 6,5%) 

This specialty is made up of ⅓ of young beer and ⅔ of beer aged 2 years in oak barrels; the result is a beer that offers an experience of unique flavors. Brown red color with fine foam, complex aroma with notes of wood and red fruit, vinous taste with long persistence.




Beggia 75cl (Amber – 7%) 

Amber beer with persistent foam; the soft taste, enhanced by the biscuit and the caramel given by the special malts, make it a beer to be savored calmly or to accompany structured foods.




Carolus 75cl (Blonde – 10%) 

Strong blonde beer with various types of malt, to which 3 types of herbs are added during the brewing process. Golden blond color, robust and well balanced flavor, despite the high alcohol content; thirst-quenching and spicy.





Delirium Nocturnum 75cl (Red – 8,5%) 

Variety of beer with an intense red appearance and a compact and persistent beige foam. The aroma has hints of caramel, latte and bitter chocolate that blend with the spicy notes of licorice and coriander. The intense, soft and persistent taste leaves room for a dry finish.




Pater 75cl (Red – 7,5%) 

Beer with balanced aromas with malty, leavened and fruity notes reminiscent of fresh fruit. With a well malty taste, it reveals a floral and slightly acid flavor and ends with subtle notes of toasted and fruity malts.






Fumè 33cl (Amber – 5,3%) 

Inspired by the typical Bamberg beers, it has an amber color and ivory foam. The smoky notes together with the floral ones of the hops are immediately perceptible.






Grunge Ipa 75cl (Red – 6,3%) 

Aggressive red beer with a dark color and a pleasant white head. A mix of lemon aroma with tangerine notes, they leave a bitter finish with toasted notes.






Punk Bitter 75cl (Blonde – 4,3%) 

Beer with a light golden color with a creamy foam and good resistance. It releases intoxicating citrus aromas, with a clear predominance of grapefruit. Fresh and thirst-quenching.





Flensburger Weizen 50cl (Blonde – 5,1%)

With a golden color and a cloudy soul, fresh and sparkling beer, it combines the classic aftertaste of barley and wheat with a persistent, but pleasant, hint of banana.