King of Pizza

In 2022 Davide Falzone was selected to participate in the King of Pizza television contest, dedicated to Pizza Gourmet! The transmission was broadcast on Sky (channel 937), on Canale Italia and on Youtube (NIP food channel). Our Chef passed the first test in the best possible way, preparing a Pizza with autumn notes for the judges (from 11:55 minutes).

“Autumn forest”
A chia and sunflower seed mixture with porcini cream base; above a beef tenderloin tataki wrapped in a chia seed crust, stracciatella and artisanal black garlic mousse. To decorate parmesan crust, black cyprus salt, chervil and contrasting wildflower honey.


The second test with the “Mystery Box” (from 9:23).


During the Grand Final our Chef presented a very fresh pizza (from minute 5:37).

“Marina Style”
A mixture of spirulina algae with zucchini cream, ricotta quenelle, portioned purple shrimp, glass of zucchini, chives and finger lime.
Decorated with raspberry jelly, raspberry air, edible coral, extra virgin olive oil in pearls, edible silver and edible flowers.


The final awards of the contest at Castel Savoia in Val D’Aosta, the path of our Chef and the awards obtained! (minutes 5:59, 7:35, 14:00).




3rd place King of Pizza 2022
Gold Knight of Pizza 2022, Dovilio Nardi
Margherita Award of Excellence 2022, Dovilio Nardi
NIP MASTER CHEF 2022, Italian National Pizza Makers
Pizza d’Oro 2022 Award, Certificate of Excellence
Eagles in Catering 2019
European Champion 2016
Vice world champion 2010


Training and refresher courses

Baking and botanical pizza, NIP Food
Research of bread dough and leavening, NIP Food
Reverse cooking, NIP Food
Pastry for catering, NIP Food